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Basic Information - Testimonials

"The school is well run, respectful to both parents and students, has terrific instructors, and the program is well rounded. The instruction is age appropriate from pre-school through middle school. I have to say I am still impressed by how well the instructors manage groups of such young children. The environment is positive for the students and welcoming to the parents with ample class space and observation space provided for both."

- C. Brown

"The teachers are knowledgeable and skilled in their techniques and there is no doubt that they sincerely care for their students. They know each child by name and make a special point of recognizing effort and commitment."

- Mr. & Mrs Copperthite

"They have classes for adults, teens, and elementary school children but I spend all my time observing the "Kneehigh Ninjas" or the kids who are 4-6 years of age. This is a tough age to teach discipline to but many of us have sought out this program because they are so successful at getting young kids to stand still, show respect, master the technique of Tae Kwan Do, and, most important, have fun doing it."

- D. Gilipin

"My son has been taking Tae Kwon Do at Jhoon Rhee since early this year and we are extremely pleased with the program. My son (four and a half years old), has a speech delay that has significantly affected the way he can communicate with both his peers and adults. I feel he has learned so much from attending these classes - we are very grateful we learned of this school."

- T. Johnson

"Our four-year-old son has been participating in the Kneehigh Ninja program for about 6 months, and we couldn't be more pleased. The program is rewarding for the kids, as they are able to advance to a new belt approximately every 4 weeks, and there are occasional tournaments. The teachers are fantastic, and are excellent role models for the kids. They impose discipline and respect, but also reward and praise."

- N. Molnar