Basic Information - Kneehigh Ninja - Progression Levels
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Levels of Progression
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Basic Information - Levels of Progression

Students enrolled in our "Kneehigh Ninja" program will advance in rank according to the belt ladder at the bottom right area. The White Belt is the first belt earned and to receive it, a "Kneehigh Ninja" student must be able to memorize and recite the Student Creed. When your child has memorized the creed, please let the Master instructor know that you are ready to test before the start of your next class. Earning the first belt builds tremendous Confidence and Self -Esteem in our young students. Levels of Progression Image 1
Levels of Progression Image 2 Therefore, it is important to help your child memorize the creed and earn the white belt within the first few days/weeks of enrolling in the trial program. You'll be surprised how hard your child will work to earn the first belt. From the point at which a student earns the white belt, he or she will be tested every 10-16 classes for a new striped white belt. Practicing a "Stranger Danger" drill is required for the next stripe belt. With an instructor's recommendation, a student may be asked to move out of the Kneehigh Ninja Program and up to the advanced junior classes. Entry into the Junior class schedule will be dependent upon age, developmental level, knowledge and proficiency with curriculum, etc.

Belt Requirements

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